MiFID II Health Check

The MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) implementation deadline has now passed. Many firms have completed their development strategy, however others still need some more support towards ensuring compliance.

Frami Consultancy has helped clients to navigate the regulatory requirements and assess the relevant impact on their businesses. Through utilising our expertise, our clients have been able to gain a thorough understanding of the changes and have developed and implemented their MiFID programmes.

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The MiFID II deadline has now passed, but there is still work to be done.

MiFID II has had a significant impact on regulated firms.

The FCA made it clear that they recognised the scale of the challenge. However, they have stressed that if firms failed to prepare for the regulations, it would not be considered acceptable. Even though MiFID II is now live, we know that some UK firms are still unclear as to the practical implications of the regulations. The impact of meeting MiFID requirements will vary between businesses and may have involved some fundamental changes to their operating models.

Frami Consultancy has helped a number of firms develop and implement their MiFID II programmes and are now helping them bed in the process and policy changes required. So if you would like the reassurance of a MiFID Health Check, we are here to help and advise.

We can help you by:

  • Assessing the validity, simplicity and appropriateness of your firm’s policies, from risk management to order handling and execution to conflict management;
  • Validating firms’ interpretations and processes implemented to meet the regulations;
  • Identifying any material gaps in your implementation programme;
  • Reviewing the adequacy and appropriateness of your record keeping structures;
  • Providing practical rather than theoretical training, based on your own business model and adopted policies;
  • Identifying key aspects of MiFID II that may have been missed.

Our MiFID Services

The MiFID II regulations are wide ranging and touch many aspects of a regulated business, including investor protection, best execution, transparency, research and transaction reporting to name but a few.

Despite the MiFID II deadline having passed, many regulated businesses have still not completed all aspects of their development strategy, even though firms should now be compliant with the regulations.

Every business will have different requirements. Do you have key colleagues who still need training in MiFID? Do you need some SME assistance to help bed in the changes? Or do you just want some reassurance that you have made the right decisions? Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

Andy Raby

Managing Director

Over 35 years’ experience in business and financial services.

Andy Raby

Andy’s past roles include service centre manager for a top retail bank, managing director of an offshore bank and Head of Dealing & Customer Services in one of the largest brokers in the UK.  He has a first class understanding of the financial services industry from broking through to wealth management, with expertise in both investment regulation and operations.

He is also highly skilled in managing business processes, analysis and delivery.

Andy has a tremendous understanding and insight into MiFID and the associated regulations.

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